Io9 has exclusive retro fantasy art by Ian Miller, from the new art compilation The Art of Ian Miller.

via Io9

Check out even more fascinating Ian Miller works in my archives.

While you were at Coachella, I was at ‘KECOH-LA’. The most fun and best Wormrot show I’ve been to. Never seen so many jokers in one grindcore show. The Malaysian punk scene is amazing.



Mediterranean Pizza - gluten-free, grain-free, and lactose-free. It is vegetarian, and Paleo-friendly…RECIPE

347 plays A Dead Issue Wormrot Dirge


Wormrot - A Dead Issue


‘…Rears Its Ugly Green Head,’ by Mike Hinge and Neal Adams. A psychedelic 70s comic from Heavy Metal magazine that’s mostly impressive for the visuals, though the story takes a turn in the final couple pages. It’s worth a read.

Found on this blog, brought to my attention by the same blogger’s tumblr post. Thanks, Highway 62!


Sergio Toppi.